This blog has given me an insight to appreciate and understand; how to develop an online profile/ portfolio professionally and look at other creative profiles to gain inspiration.
I now understand the hard work that goes into making blogs become successful and how time consuming this can be.
Initially, I found writing blogs easier because it’s more informal, mainly based your opinion and perception formed from your research. However, I felt a responsibility to check for validity as this is not always present when using some internet sources. Also, when researching; it’s important to research and range of sources and perspectives as this gives your blog more depth and insight.
I have never used wordpress or created a blog before, so I found it an interesting way to creatively express your interests and personality, the format of wordpress I found complicated at times as pictures were placed differently when previewing compared to editing.

Some blogs that I find inspiring are: and
Textile related warp and weft look at different techniques and are good for visuals.
She wears fashion is my favourite fashion blog. It’s run by a single person who is 20 and has blogged for a few years, blogging has given her the opportunity to attend London fashion week as she has been ‘spotted’ as an upcoming fashionista; her blog which is heavily focused on her outfits contains no information on the industry and is purely based on her social everyday life and outfits.
If I were to carry on with the blog, I would continue to research about my different interests and look into areas where I know little about; also adding more fashion inspired research including trends and new designers.
In conclusion; blogging is an effective and creative way to express yourself online successfully, it can create opportunities with links to the industry and other creative designers.


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