Family Photo



This photo was taken when my parents first started dating probably around 1979.

My parents have always been interested in a variety of music; mainly rock because of their interests in bikes but they listened to motown, northern soul, queen and thin lizzy which further influenced their likes in fashion.

The style of clothing for example: my mom’s cheesecloth shirt was the style she was interested in at the time; with the practicality of jeans (when riding motorbikes) these were mainly high waisted as it was in fashion.

However the hairstyle is interesting, popularised by film and TV stars my mom took inspiration from Jacqueline Smith from Charlie’s Angels which the middle parting is a classic 70’s style.

My Mom mainly thrifted for clothes when she was younger; attracted to the boho look with a biker influence. She used to buy her clothes from a Boutique shop selling one of a kind pieces, Chelsea girl which was more mainstream and second hand Levi jeans for £2!!!


Also; my dad’s oversized glasses look really dated but with the revival of retro 70s style glasses are now being modernised.


I think their appearance is vintage and usual for the 70’s as they were in trend with key pieces however; modernisation of loose shirts has revived with fashions being repeated, but I don’t think they look stereotypical of a trend.


70’s hairstyles

Hairstyles became influential, especially with mainstream TV which became more important in homes.

One of the main influences were from TV series and films especially Farrah Fawcett with flicked, feathered hair, which became an iconic at the time.

?????? farah

70’s fashion

In the 70’s fashion was expanding with the influence of cultures: caftans and kimonos. Also, with the emergence of feminism which challenged androgyny and gender dressing.

The main styles found in the seventies were: bell bottom trousers, thick wedge heels and patterned knitwear with shirts underneath.

Also, the development of fashion fabrics to create new styles included: trevira used to create wide trousers with square pockets, crimplene, virelle and courtelle.

Bill Gibb

Bill Gibb was mainly influenced by ethnic prints and European folk costumes in which he translated into weaves and patterns and enlarged to create emphasis of his designs.

He was well known in the 70s for his ‘hippie’ styles with his main influence being textile designer:  Kaffe Fassett made his colour palette bold and wild.



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