All About Me

My name is Megan; I am currently studying Fashion Textiles and Accessories at De Montfort.


My interest in fashion began in my early teens, as I started to experiment with different styles but never following trends. This love for fashion has never departed, especially when I wrote to Chanel at Bond Street, naively asking for advice when I was 13 on how to pursue a career in fashion; which received a reply to my amazement and also some look books, which I embarrassingly treasure to this day.

Growing up watching The Hills definitely inspired me to be a part of the fashion industry, the glamour of living in LA and New York was something that captivated me, but also highlighted the aspect of privileges in the world.

In the present, I am focused on achieving my degree to hopefully progress onto an MA once graduated.

I have a broad range of inspiration which I utilize by selecting appriopriatly when researching projects; I then develop by gaining insight from books, expanding my research through idea development and my own photography, which I then extend into mark making.

As a designer I find inspiration by partially using Pinterest it’s a simple way of obtaining mood board images and studying garment details from couture shows.

Blogs also offer inspiration as well as an insight into other cultures; Milly and Peacock Pavilion  are both fascinating as they are based in places I would love to visit.

Beading and embroidery fascinates me, the delicateness of fabric which properties can be manipulated to create wearable art. Elie Saab is a much love designer of mine; because  the subtle colour palette he uses creates elegance and longevitiy, combined with meticulous beading details amazes me as a new-found designer.


100613_1714_1.jpg                                                                      ele saab


Cultures are important to me, as they weave throughout my projects and ideas, I am very lucky to have diverse and multi-cultural friends which I can participate and share experiences with.

Also, the Asian continent as a whole inspires me; with the use of vivid colours, history with textiles and passion towards festivities; excites me to design products which may replicate their enthusiasm and way of life.

Photography is essential when looking into cultures; as it captures a moment or can lead to discovery.  This picture excited me, as I have read about the Bamiyan Valley before in books and also highlights the reality of the world and how others are treated.


Steve McCurry Bamiyan Valley, Afghanistan

A love of travelling and experiencing authenticity also captivates me; recently I visited Italy where I had the chance to explore Rome, Pompeii and Amalfi. This trip inspired me HUGELY; the scenery, architecture, museums, street style.

Everything was beautiful.









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